Nutritional Treatment Plans

While many people are seeking instant comfort and relief treatments to help themselves look and feel better, one of the best things these patients can do is make gradual improvements to overall health by making better choices with nutrition. Dietary changes have proven to be an effective treatment for those seeking better overall body functions in addition to an improved appearance.

Dr. Lisa Vitale, DAC can help patients by making nutritional recommendations that will improve their overall health. Dr. Vitale can diagnose patients and suggest foods that would be better for their health and lifestyle. For instance, someone with high blood pressure could be helped by drinking a cup of juice made from fresh celery and tomato every morning. This dietary change will help treat a hyperactive liver. This is just one example of a food recommendation that can better assist the body with its basic functions.

Nutritional assistance from Dr. Vitale can help your body make sure it’s getting the essential nutrients it needs to perform basic functions. If your body is not getting the essential nutrients it needs, it will struggle to perform essential functions properly. Food is imperative to healthy bodily functions. Without the right food, your body will be deficient and more susceptible to disease. Dr. Vitale will seek to correct these deficiencies in patients by asking about diet on the patient intake form. This will help her find food and nutrients that are lacking in a patient’s diet and allow her to make recommended changes.

Dr. Vitale has over a decade of experience in nutritional treatments and is widely knowledgeable about proper nutrition. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Vitale’s office today to get the nutritional recommendations you need for a healthy diet and a healthy life.