Acupuncture : what is it, and what does it treat?
January 11, 2016

Many women are turning to acupuncture for infertility and IVF support, or assistance in getting pregnant. Whether there is no physical reason why they cannot conceive or IVF is their only option, acupuncture is an increasingly popular adjunct therapy for reproductive issues.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical treatment that places tiny needles in certain areas to stimulate “Qi” (life force) and promote homeostasis or balance. Acupuncture can help the body function more efficiently, which allows modern reproductive treatments like IVF to work more efficiently.

Increasing the odds of IVF success is not the only way acupuncture can help. Acupuncture can stimulate egg production in women who can’t or do not want to use fertility medications to assist in getting pregnant. Why or how acupuncture works can be mysterious, however there are studies published that find a clear link between acupuncture treatment and brain hormones involved in conception (Journal of Fertility and Sterility 2002). In addition to fertility issues, acupuncture is a effective way to regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce stress and promote wellbeing.

Fertility support through acupuncture treatment does require a commitment. It is necessary to receive 1 to 2 treatments per week over the course of at least 90 days. If used to support IVF, there is a specific protocol to be followed in conjunction with IVF protocol on a (minimum) weekly basis in the months leading up to transfer.

In my practice, over the last 13 years, I have treated upwards of 50 women for infertility and I have witnessed a high success rate of pregnancy with my patients. In some cases, it’s just a matter of “resetting” the body and easing emotional tensions around the intense desire to conceive. I would be happy to consult with you on your individual needs. Please feel free to contact me for more information and to discuss a possible treatment plan.