Acupuncture : what is it, and what does it treat?
January 11, 2016
Chronic Fatigue
February 14, 2016

Many of us are unaware of the ancient history of the use of essential oils for healing and anointing. It has only been two decades that essential oils began to appear on the shelves of health food stores. Extensive documentation exists referencing the use of essential oils in Judeo Christian religious texts. Records show that essential oils , at one time were used to treat every ailment known to man. Frankincense, myrrh, lotus, cedarwood and sandalwood oil’s are some of the oils ancient Egyptians used. Lemon , clove and cinnamon were also highly valued as antiseptics centuries before the development of today’s medicines.

The aromatherapy industry has evolved rapidly in the last decade creating a synthetic world of misinformation and adulteration of pure oils for financial gain. Beware of oils you find on the shelf in health food stores and grocery stores! The perfume industry has unfortunately added chemical components for consistency of aroma, therefore decreasing the purity of the oil , and increasing volume and profits. Oils produced by these manufacturers do not have therapeutic properties and can in fact be dangerous because of the high levels of alcohol and other chemicals (less than 3% of the actual essential oil).

Researchers and healthcare professionals have discovered that in there pure state EO’s have some of the most concentrated natural extracts that have significant and immediate health benefits. They can positively support the emotions and different organ systems of the body such as respiratory ,digestive , muscular and immune.

Pure EO’s can also be used simply for pleasure by diffusing them into the air, breathing them in thereby promoting relaxation and positive feelings.

If the oil is pure (i.e. Young Living Essential Oils), they can even be ingested and applied directly to the skin. Pure EO’s have a chemical structure similar to our cell membranes which allows them to rapidly penetrate and enhance cellular function. “It is very clear that there is a powerful life force inherent in these substances, which gives them an unmatched ability to interact with cells in the human body.” (Essential Oils Desk Reference)

So before you go and purchase oils from a grocery store or health food store consider checking into pure oils, unless you’re just looking for perfume! Young Living Essential Oils offer a “seed to seal” promise which is a guarantee of purity. These are the oils that I use in my professional practice and personally for my family.

Contact me for more information and/or introductory class schedule. Look for my next blog post on every day uses for every day oils!