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I am passionate about acupuncture because of what it has done for me personally, and the positive results that I have witnessed for so many of my patients.


Dr. Lisa Vitale, DAC has over 28 years of hands-on experience in bodywork and alternative healthcare. As an accomplished alternative healthcare professional, Dr. Vitale has seen the benefits of acupuncture and the positive results it has generated for herself and for her patients. Using her knowledge of oriental medicine, she is committed to providing a treatment plan unique to each patient that supports the individual’s health goals.

Dr. Vitale provides acupuncture, medical cupping, LED light therapy, and other oriental medical techniques. Other professionals provide medical massage therapy and esthetic services. Dr. Vitale is also a nutrition advocate who can educate her patients on the importance of proper nutrition to benefit their overall health.



See What Makes Lisa Vitale Unique...


Acupuncture can reduce pain, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, and relieve stress while increasing your energy.


Massage therapy can create a positive impact on your life with a significant reduction in pain, anxiety, stress, and muscle tension.


Medical cupping therapy is a specialized type of cupping therapy that has emerged in the last decade. A Traditional Chinese Medicine Technique.


LED light therapy has been proven to increase collagen production, reduce fine lines, improve blood circulation, sooth and detoxify.


Alternative Healthcare Treatments

If you’re interested in healthcare treatments from Dr. Vitale, feel free to contact her for an individual assessment. She has the knowledge and experience necessary to personalize a custom treatment plan for you that focuses on acupuncture, oriental medicine, medical cupping, and other alternative healthcare methods. Dr. Vitale will ask each patient to commit to three treatments, Generally results are experienced by then. At that time we will re-evaluate to determine which course of action is best.

Contact alternative healthcare professional Lisa Vitale today to find out what acupuncture, massage therapy, and other alternative healthcare treatments can do for you. Increase your energy and reduce pain and stress. Call today.

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See What My
Patients Are Saying...

“I have finally found much needed relief. My pain level went from severe to virtually non existent with occasional flareups that are eliminated with monthly maintenance visits. Originally an acupuncture skeptic, I now swear by acupuncture and have no reservations about recommending this form of alternative treatment.”

- T.F. Beacon, NY