Nutrition is integral to overall health and a significant factor of treatment in Chinese medicine.   As an acupuncturist, I look at the whole person when devising treatment to determine the differentiation pattern of each person and to make a unique treatment plan, possibly with dietary recommendations. Depending on the OM diagnosis, a TCM practitioner can suggest foods based on the treatment for these TCM patterns.  For instance, many hypertension cases can have the differentiation pattern of hyperactive Liver yang. Suggested foods would be those that help to clear heat and reduce hyperactive yang. Someone with high blood pressure (caused by hyperactive Liver yang) would do well to drink a cup of juice made from fresh celery and tomato every morning. Of course, there are many other food recommendations for hypertension, this is just one example.

  Essential nutrients are chemical compounds that the body needs to perform basic functions.  When they are absent from your diet, your normal body processes have problems functioning.  Essential nutrients cannot be made by the body.  They must come from food.  If lacking, it can lead to deficiency and disease.

  As part of the intake form process, I will ask a series of questions that will lead me to identify any food sources or lack of nutrients that may be contributing to the patient’s symptoms. Keeping in mind that a physician’s visit maybe necessary for blood work to confirm, I will then suggest different dietary changes and or supplements. In my practice,  I  I have found supplementation with Standard Process and Pure Encapsulation’s products are of the highest quality.   I also have over 10 years experience of nutrition knowledge and minored in nutrition as part of my undergraduate education. If you’d like to schedule a consult please call my office at 845-565-1688.